He Turned Me into a Champion

Jul 04

Womenโ€™s Fitness Magazine, March 2014, By Shelley Levitt

Four years ago Laurie Hyacinthe was looking for a way to blow off steam from the pressures of her dental residency when she took her first class at the Wat, a gym in downtown Manhattan that specializes in muay Thai, a full-contact martial art from Thailand. Today the 34-year-old pediatric dentist is an amateur fighter with a killer record: nine wins. Read Article.

Training Bags

Banana bags are named after their shape. They are longer and slimmer than the typical American boxing heavy bags.ย  The banana bagโ€™s shape allows users to practice high, body, and especially low kicks accurately.

American heavy bags are wider and more stout than their thai counterparts. This allows a focus on boxing combinations as well as body and high kicks. ย The added mass helps to build power in strikes.