Introducing WatFit

May 10

WatFit: The perfect fitness experience. Our talented team has come up with a unique sequence of Metabolic & Strength conditioning with a hint of Cardio Thai Boxing that takes you from a novice in fitness to FIGHT fit, giving you the results you’ve always dreamed of! Classes start May 15th. Inquire at our front desk or email for additional details. Take advantage of our special introductory rate of $49 for 3 classes today!

Training Bags

Banana bags are named after their shape. They are longer and slimmer than the typical American boxing heavy bags.  The banana bag’s shape allows users to practice high, body, and especially low kicks accurately.

American heavy bags are wider and more stout than their thai counterparts. This allows a focus on boxing combinations as well as body and high kicks.  The added mass helps to build power in strikes.


Ready For Muay Thai With A Side Of Social DIstancing?

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