Kinstretch™ “by donation”

Sep 26

Kinstretch™ “by donation”

The Wat will host Susan Reno’s Kinstretch “by donation” on Friday, September  29th

4pm & 830pm

291 Broadway @Reade St. in lower Manhattan

So many need so much and it is overwhelming to help all.

Here is our plan:

Bring any listed item and experience a complimentary Kinstretch class.  Make a monetary donation to either relief effort, present your receipt and experience a complimentary Kinstretch class.

*if you would like to make a donation but are unable to participate in a complimentary class this friday, we will email you a voucher for a future class.

Option A) Puerto Rico

Make a donation including (but limited to) any of the following items:


Baby food


First aid supplies

Feminine hygiene products

*non perishable

*NOT second hand

*no liquids of any kind

*no wet wipes at this time

FDNY Collecting Critically Needed Items for Hurricane Maria Relief

Your donation will be brought to E28, L-11 in the East Village

222 E. 2nd Street

And shipped to Puerto Rico.

Option B) Mexico

Make a monetary donation to aid earthquake survivors in Mexico

Support UNICEF’s Relief Efforts in Mexico

Option C) Puerto Rico/Maria, Florida, Caribbean/Irma & Texas/Harvey

Make a monetary donation to those affected by hurricanes Maria, Irma & Harvey

HEART 9/11 – Healing Emergency Aid Response Team

Choose your donation and treat your body.

It’s a win-win.

What to expect from a Kinstretch Class:

Kinsretch is for everyone.

We all move whether in sport or just our daily commute. Kinstretch makes you move better. Kinstretch increases your physical capabilities through strength and control in  flexibility. Kinstretch decreases your odds of injury. Kinstretch makes you move better.

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat or towel as some of the work will be done on the floor and mat space is limited.


Learn more at

Questions regarding Friday’s event can be emailed to

Training Bags

Banana bags are named after their shape. They are longer and slimmer than the typical American boxing heavy bags.  The banana bag’s shape allows users to practice high, body, and especially low kicks accurately.

American heavy bags are wider and more stout than their thai counterparts. This allows a focus on boxing combinations as well as body and high kicks.  The added mass helps to build power in strikes.


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