Ajarn Phil Nurse

Ajarn Philip Nurse

Kru Phil PortraitAjarn Philip Nurse is a traditional Muay Thai master who strategically marries the footwork of Mohammed Ali with crafty execution to create one of the most exciting and effective forms of Muay Thai practiced today. Ajarn Phil’s strength is in the application of the philosophy that his fighters should be conditioned and ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Ajarn Phil combines the sophisticated use of leverage and bodyweight along with clinch work to make his fighters tactically valuable on the inside while enabling them to be able to avoid and initiate takedowns. His camp, Wat, is renowned for their offensive and defensive use of clinch work in competitive arenas. The exposure to Asian, European , and American Muay Thai has enhanced Ajarn Phil’s reputation as a trainer and teacher whose skill is unsurpassed over a career spanning over 30 years.

At the age of 17 Ajarn Phil began his formal training as a Nak Muay [Thai Fighter] in the UK. His training has taken him from Europe to the camps of Thailand where he has lived and trained alongside other professional Thai fighters. Through dedication and hard work, Phil rose through the ranks of Muay Thai becoming the European and British Welterweight Champion. Ajarn Phil’s Muay Thai record to date is 32-3-0 with 15 of his wins by way of knock out, he also has a 14-3-0 professional boxing record with 6 KOs. He holds 3 title belts: European Light Welterweight Champion, Double British Champion, and British All Styles Super Light Welterweight Champion. As a Nak Muay Ajarn Phil has fought professionally in the UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, & the US.

Muay Thai & MMA

Muay Thai is the National Sport of Thailand commonly referred to in English as Thai Boxing, the correct translation would be Thai Fighting as the martial art uses 8 limbs (including elbows and knees). Muay Thai further enlists kicking, clinching (grappling), knee and elbow striking as well as boxing making a very effective and practical martial art and taking it beyond traditional boxing or kickboxing. It originated over 3000 years ago and has evolved from military origins into the vastly popular international sport that it is today. Muay Thai provides the basis for the standup component in nearly all Mixed Martial Arts events. From Glory to UFC the top competitors seek to improve their standup skills by learning from traditional Muay Thai masters.


Muay Thai is not just the ability to strike harder or faster than your opponent, it involves outthinking, outmaneuvering and the ability to adapt to any circumstance. Ajarn Phil brings his unique yet practical application of Muay Thai to a holistic approach of living, finding inner and outer balance.

KruPhilosophy is the mental component of my Muay Thai style, Wat is my laboratory where I perfect it, life is it’s application -Ajarn Phil Nurse

KruPhilosophy, coined by UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Jon Jones during a conversation after a training session, has been a way of life for Ajarn Phil for over 30 years. Initially, It wasn’t something that was consciously taught to students, rather it transferred organically as the student teacher relationship developed and evolved. It was surprising to Ajarn Phil that Jon was so perceptive at such a very young age to recognize the mental aspects involved in his subtle style of teaching. His primary goal has always been to arm students with the tools to help them be their best possible self by preparing them not only for a physical fight, but most importantly preparing them for the battles they will encounter outside of the ring.


I am a firm believer that change starts with one person and that structured goals can shape a young person’s life. – Ajarn Phil Nurse

As a young man who himself came from a modest household, Ajarn Phil credits a lot of his success to his parents, extended family, and mentors that he came in contact with while growing up in Northern England. With the rich and diverse cultural background that he was exposed to on a daily basis he truly is a product of the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child”. Ajarn Phil recognizes that he was extremely fortunate to have those relationships in his life and that every child is not so lucky. KruPhilanthropy is Ajarn Phil’s approach to effect change by positively impacting youth. He believes it is our duty as world citizens to (preserve-grow) our greatest and most valuable resource, children.


Ajarn Phil’s Unique Style

Training Bags

Banana bags are named after their shape. They are longer and slimmer than the typical American boxing heavy bags.  The banana bag’s shape allows users to practice high, body, and especially low kicks accurately.

American heavy bags are wider and more stout than their thai counterparts. This allows a focus on boxing combinations as well as body and high kicks.  The added mass helps to build power in strikes.


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