At Wat we offer many training programs to help you reach your personal goals. Our Instructors have customized programs that combine cardio and strength conditioning with practical martial arts techniques to ensure that you are experiencing a challenging and rewarding training session. Sounds simple but at WAT, both men and women go through a grueling series of exercises, from skipping rope and shadowboxing, to grappling, kneeing, and performing two-person isometric strength building techniques .

All of our classes are offered in a friendly and  supportive community so that those who are new feel comfortable and confident. In order to ensure the safety of our students we ask that all new comers receive permission from instructors before entering intermediate and advanced level classes. Please keep in mind that this is for your protection as well as that of our students.

Muay Thai

muay thai
Transform your body and defend yourself with Muay Thai

Some students train daily to compete, others to defend themselves and the rest just do it to attain killer abs and sleekly toned muscles. Muay Thai is something more energetic and challenging than a monotonous gym workout that combines cardio and strength conditioning with practical martial arts techniques. Sounds simple but at WAT, both men and women go thru a grueling series of exercises, from skipping rope and shadowboxing, to grappling, kneeing, and performing two-person isometric strength building techniques. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand known in English as Thai Boxing. It originated over 1000 years ago, and has evolved from military origins into the vastly popular international sport that is today. Professional bouts are 5-three minute rounds, and take place in a standard boxing ring, with one competitor fighting from the red corner, and one from the blue. Thai boxers fight bare foot and without headgear-boxing gloves are the only padding worn. Bouts can be won by knock out, technical knockout, or by points. The rules allow the use of boxing, kicking elbowing and kneeing to all parts of the body. This makes Thai Boxing incredibly effective and practical as a self defense art.

Wat Boxing


Is boxing for everyone?

The wonderful thing about boxing is that almost every fitness level can participate in the workout. For those who are beginners or have decreased mobility, you can limit a boxing routine to decrease impact and range of motion. However, the complex nature of boxing works to condition almost every major muscle group in the body. As you increase the impact in the workout, you also increase the level of intensity and calorie burning.Boxing is a fantastic full-body conditioning workout. It’s not only a very effective high intensity cardiovascular workout, but it’s also an amazing muscle toner. Boxing involves muscles of the back, chest, shoulders, arms, abs and legs.

Why box at the Wat?

Michael & Susan Reno head the American Boxing program at the WAT. They take the same principles and work ethic that Kru Phil Nurse trained them with and apply it to western boxing. They are constantly learning and creating effective training programs while drilling the tried and true basics. Their combined talent is unique to boxing because they are complete. They cover technique, strategy, roadwork, conditioning and nutrition. Mike and Susan train you intelligently because they know that one program does not fit all fighters or fitness enthusiasts. Good programs are designed to make you sweat a little. Great programs know how to adjust for strengths, style, injury, specific opponents and particular goals. WAT Boxing is a great program because the Renos do it creatively, efficiently and safely.

What Do The Renos Bring To The Table?

Combined the Renos have studied, trained, and fought under Kru Phil Nurse for over 20 years. Their fight records speak for themselves. They have both been there- in the ring, in training camp, on the road- sweating, running and conditioning. They have won national and international boxing and Muay Thai championship belts and titles. Their client list, coaching and cornerman accolades include Olympic style amateur boxers, professional boxers, muay thai fighters, mixed martial artists, marathon runners, extreme sport athletes and everyday people who seek to be the best they can in all they do.


WatFit WorkoutWatFit is fitness with focus. Our expert trainers have created the ultimate fitness experience by combining challenging body weight exercises, interval training, cardio programs, resistance training, circuit training and more.

WatFit has come up with a unique method of Metabolic & Strength conditioning with a hint of Thai Boxing that gets you from novice level to FIGHTER fit. By mixing up the workouts, but keeping the sequence of progression, we ensure you get into your best shape ever in a record time frame.

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Don’t make excuses, make progress! 



Children love learning at the Wat, Our youth muay thai programs are high-energy, fun and interactive. Learning muay thai is a physical endeavor, involving all muscle groups to help develop a student’s physical fitness. But our emphasis goes far beyond just learning physical moves and martial arts techniques. At Wat, we use martial arts as a mechanism to develop positive character and life-improvement skills in our students.

Traits That Our Programs Develop In Children

  • Concentration
  • Self discipline
  • Physical fitness
  • Self-confidence
  • Positive attitude
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Patience
  • Goal setting
  • Manners
  • Strong Work Ethic

The main goal of our school is to build our students’ self-esteem, which we do by acknowledging, recognizing and rewarding not just our students’ accomplishments and successes, but their efforts as well.

Superheroes (3-4 years):

A program so exciting your child won’t even realize that they are being taught. Your child will develop eye hand coordination, agility, balance & focus through age appropriate exercises & techniques all the while advancing through our ranking system where progress is checked regularly. Through the use of repetition, details, rhythms, rules, and protocols your child is introduced to the culture of Martial Arts while still being allowed to be a kid.

Thai Tigers (5-7 years):

This program provides children with the basic foundational tools needed to succeed in every aspect of their lives. It focuses on reinforcing memory, listening skills, a more detailed approach to fine tuning techniques. Through the use of age appropriate drills & exercises your child will advance through a program designed to assist them in developing the basic skills associated with Muay Thai.

Golden Garudas(7-9 years):

A program that reinforces basic technique & skills but takes things a step further by introducing more advanced drills & exercises. Children will learn sportsmanship & teamwork as well as be able to actively demonstrate explosive power, precision. Your child will begin to integrate Thai culture into their Muay Thai practice such as learning the significance of the Wai Kru (a dance that thai fighters perform before their bout), and how to perform one at the novice level.

Nak Muays (10-13 years):

This program combines advanced physical techniques along with character building skills that are vital for pre teens today. It reinforces the previous levels by reintroducing subject matter in a more advanced age appropriate manner. Nak Muays become the perfect example of inner and outer balance.


rehab1 rehab2

Because our students health is important to us we have arranged for Perfect Stride to assist in maintaining their physical health. Whether you are rehabilitating an old injury, looking to learn more about prevention, relieve pain, restore movement, strength and function we believe the team at Perfect Stride will have you covered

Why we chose Perfect Stride

1. Their team has multiple years of experience in rehabilitating a wide variety of orthopedic and musculoskeletal related injuries while optimizing return to sport performance and emphasizing injury prevention.

2. They working closely with your referring physician and are committed to a common goal of empowering our patients and ensuring you receive only the highest of quality care.

3. You are not simply treated as a diagnosis or given a standardized treatment approach, instead they seek to provide our patients with a tailor made treatment program specific to their individual symptoms and impairments. At Perfect Stride you are not just a patient but an active participant in your own recovery.

4. The therapists will see you at our facility or their own facility

Manual Therapy
Graston Technique
Therapeutic Exercise
Neuromuscular Re- Education
Patient Education
Sport’s Performance Enhancement
Video Motion Gate Analysis

For a detailed description of each service click here.


Massage By Tara

taraWe recognize the importance of maintaining loose relaxed muscles. When our body’s are sore, tired or if we are in need of relaxation we turn to “Massage by Tara” to provide the soft tissue support our students need.

Tara Acevedo has been a massage therapist for 19 years focusing in sports therapy, Neuromuscular, Aromatherapy and Guided Meditation.
Most of her work focuses on people who have sports related or personal injuries through modalities such as Neuromuscular and deep tissue therapies. These therapies are beneficial for posture, trigger points, myofascial release, conditioning and blood flow. She also works extensively with people who suffer from TMJ and/or migraines.

If clients are looking for stress management, she can use essential oils, breathing techniques, some guided meditation, and massage to balance out.

Service Menu

Spot/Stretch Sessions
Sessions Duration Price
1 25 mins. $25
1 35 mins. $35
6 25 mins. $135
6 35 mins. $190
12 25 mins. $285
12 35 mins. $400
Massage Therapy
Sessions Duration Price
1 60 mins. $85
1 90 mins. $125
1 120 mins. $160
5 60 mins. $375
10 60 mins. $700
5 90 mins. $575
10 90 mins. $1100

To book contact Massage by Tara at 954-854-1036 or contact us at 212-966-4010

Whether your issue is relaxation, circulation, range of motion, stress related tension or sports related issue, massage therapy is necessary to function properly on a day to day basis.  Massage therapy helps with blood flow, range of motion, posture, circulation, muscle tone, and overall well-being.  If the body isn’t feeling well, it doesn’t perform well. I usually like to start slow to find the core problem, work with someone weekly to get the issue taken care of and then maintenance once a month.

-Tara Acevedo



Training Bags

Banana bags are named after their shape. They are longer and slimmer than the typical American boxing heavy bags.  The banana bag’s shape allows users to practice high, body, and especially low kicks accurately.

American heavy bags are wider and more stout than their thai counterparts. This allows a focus on boxing combinations as well as body and high kicks.  The added mass helps to build power in strikes.


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